Traxxas Hoss Review 2024: My Experiences With The 4×4 VXL

Author: Joshua Smith

Last updated: 22nd of February, 2024.

Welcome to the ultimate review of the Traxxas Hoss for 2024.

I have spent 15 hours driving, testing and even thrashing this RC car so you’ll know if this is worth buying.

Why you should trust me: I use a 27-point evaluation checklist to ensure I FULLY test any RC car here on RC Advice. I also buy all the RC cars I review on this site, rather than accepting a product from hobby stores.

Now, let’s get this started…

Traxxas Hoss At A Glance

RC Type

Monster truck

Best For

Rough terrain


Very durable, long lasting, reasonably priced


Does not perform well with speed runs


One of the best monster trucks that Traxxas has produced


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Traxxas Hoss Unboxing

The experience of unboxing was relatively straightforward.

Initial Thoughts

I love that new RC smell straight out of the box!

This radio controlled monster truck was larger than I expected. It’s also ready-to-run.


The steering arms are quite durable and will take a decent knock before they break.

Suspension and Tires

The long-arm suspension and fat tires are impressive. I don’t think these will necessarily need upgrading anytime soon.

Acceleration Tests

I tested the InsertRC car on road, gravel and grass for acceleration 3 times. This is to take into account for wind and other variations on testing day.

First Run7 seconds12 seconds15 seconds
Second Run5 seconds9 seconds14 seconds
Third Run6 seconds11 seconds15 seconds

These acceleration tests were based on a standing start on level ground to full speed on a 70% battery.

Top Speed Tests

I tested the InsertRC’s top speed on road, gravel and grass on 3 separate runs with a 70% battery.

The maximum speed I achieved by the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL is 100km/h as can be seen below:

First Run MPH575243
First Run Km/h918469
Second Run MPH624749
Second Run Km/h1007579
Third Run MPH595248
Third Run Km/h958477
Reverse Speed MPH413938
Reverse Speed Km/h666361
Gravel and grass top speeds are generally lower due to drag and instability. It’s hard to do a full-speed run without any RC car flipping out of control.

The reverse speed run was only performed once, given that many of us wish to drive our cars forward 99.9% of the time. 😃

Braking Tests

I tested the Hoss 4×4 VXL’s braking ability on road, gravel and grass with 3 separate runs:

First Run23 meters38 meters29 meters
Second Run21 meters36 meters33 meters
Third Run22 meters37 meters33 meters

I went from full speed (60MPH) to a complete stop, and the results were surprising. Naturally, RC cars simply cannot pull up as fast on gravel due to traction issues, although they still do well on grass due to resistance.

Battery Tests

I have tested the battery life of the Hoss 4×4 VXL multiple times which fell slightly short of expectations:

2S Battery Life3S Battery Life4S Battery Life
First Run11 minutes14 minutesN/A
Second Run9 minutes13 minutesN/A
Third Run9 minutes15 minutesN/A

However, this is typical of most RC manufacturers who often overestimate their battery life.

Body Roll

Rolling an RC car is one of my biggest hates, so I always test the body roll with my tilt device:

Tilt TestResult
30-Degree TiltPass
45-Degree TiltFail
60-Degree TiltFail
75-Degree TiltFail

This shows that the Traxxas Hoss is top-heavy, leading to regular rollovers in the field. Keep in mind that this is typical for RC monster trucks that have higher ground clearance.

Climb and Descent

I have tested the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL with slow climbs and descents with varying angles:

30-Degree ClimbPass
45-Degree ClimbPass
60-Degree ClimbPass
75-Degree ClimbFail (flipped backward)
30-Degree DescentPass
45-Degree DescentPass
60-Degree DescentPass
75-Degree DescentFail (flipped forward)

This was tested using stock tires and from a standing start. Your RC car may perform better with upgraded tires.

Drop Test

Some of us want to do HUGE jumps with the InsertRC, and I’ve done multiple drop tests:

1-meter RC drop testPass
2-meter RC drop testPass
3-meter RC drop testPass

The Traxxas Hoss survived this test as many of us would expect.

Controller Test

A controller is just as important as the RC car that it controls. I tested the Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL controller on these 4 factors:

Distance from controller1,000 feet
1-meter controller drop testPass
2-meter controller drop testPass
Controller interferenceNone*

I had the controller running while also having 3 other controllers on and didn’t experience any interference.

Miscellaneous Tests

Here are additional elements that I haven’t covered above:

Turning circle10 meters or 32 feet
Backflip testPassed
Weight6.3lbs (2.9kgs) without batteries
Ground clearance2.75 inches (70mm)
Peak body heat77 degrees Fahrenheit
Tire tread width71mm
Tire tread depth3mm
Crush test*Pass (plastics fine)

The crush test was performed by dropping the RC car upside down on its plastic cover from a height of 1 meter.


There are numerous upgrades available for the Hoss VXL that significantly improve its performance.

My recommended mods include:

  1. Higher gearing
  2. Tire upgrades
  3. LED Kit for night driving

Many people choose to purchase their RC car stock and then later purchase these upgrades. This performance test and review were performed using the stock (straight off the shelf) model.

Pros and Cons

From my in-depth testing of this RC car, I’ve come to see its strengths and weaknesses:


  • Does 60MPH on 3S
  • Comes with the Traxxas Stability Management® (TSM)
  • TQi 2.4GHz High Output Radio System
  • Adjustable 4mm steel toe and camber links suspension
  • Available at most RC stores nationwide


  • No battery or charger included
  • Not the best for speed runs due to slightly top-heavy design

Ultimately, it has more upsides than downloads.

Competitors and Alternatives

The Hoss 4×4 VXL competes directly with the following models:

  1. HPI Savage
  2. Arrma Kraton
  3. HPI Jumpshot
  4. Maverick Quantum

These alternatives can be more affordable.

Overall Thoughts

The Traxxas Hoss 4×4 VXL radio-controlled car is best for people seeking affordable fun in a unit that can just about do it all, paired with some elements that can be upgraded.