9 Beginner Tips For Using RC Cars

If you’re not from an engineering background but pursue driving remote control cars as a hobby, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as possible about remote control cars.

So in this guide, we’ll show you some of the best basic tips for beginners who have just entered the world of RC cars.

1. Preventing Dirt Accumulation

We all want some kind of help on how to keep unwanted particles from coming into the car. A quick and simple solution to this problem would to secure your air filter. Alternatively, you could buy du-bro body clip retainers and make sure that they remain clipped at all times and do not get loose.

2. Adjusting Your Steering Trim Knob

Sometimes your car may not work properly. Like if you turn on your car and you find that it keeps steering to one side. This may happen even if you keep the wheels straight. A good remedy, in this case, would be to check if your car has a “steering trim” knob, wheel or button option. If there is none then adjusting steering servo armature length should do the trick.

3. Keeping Screw Heads Clean

A lot of dirt gets accumulated under the chassis and it affects the screw heads. To clean the screw heads under the chassis, spray denatured alcohol on screw heads and then pick the dirt with the help of a paper clip. It is recommended to use denatured alcohol as it seems to work better than the simple green or motor cleaner.

4. Using Compressed Air

Compressed air also works better for cleaning NTC3 after a good day bashing. But an old sock always does the trick to clean your car sparkling and shining. The soft wool or cotton wipes off the dirt like magic. But one has to be sure not to leave any loose socks thread going into the car. A small painter brush always cleans unreachable areas and cleans them gently. To wipe off sticky mud under the chassis or on the body of the car using a toothbrush to brush it off also helps. But make sure not to scratch your car paint with too hard brush bristles.

5. Bringing Spares

Keeping spare starter batteries and giving a rain check on your tx, rx, glow starts before going out with your car also helps. This is a must when your batteries or lights etc have been in use for a while.

6. Shutting Down Nitro Engines

If you want an alternative way out to shut down the engine in comparison to du-bro exhaust plug you can use a pencil to plug the exhaust to shut down the engine fast. Everyone uses the cable tie trick to fasten the bec plug together so they do not get disconnected accidentally. But this does not seem practical because every time you have to cut the tie and use a new one to recharge the cells. To overcome this problem, a simple solution is to replace the cable ties with the twist tie that holds your rx antenna. They are reusable and do the job perfectly.

7. Drilling Your RC Car Tires

Drilling your tires on the outside edge in the middle, instead of the rim, keeps the dust and other crap out of your tires. They’ll stay in balance a lot longer as crud gets thrown out as you drive. If you drill the rims, then every bit o crap will stay in your wheel.

8. Creating Your Own RC Chassis

To make your own chassis, a blank circuit board or aluminium plate does a great job. Use vice grips to clamp the original chassis to the blank material and drill all your holes by drilling straight through the existing holes on the original chassis. You’ll get everything to mount up nice that way! If you bother that the circuit board might be too light. No fret! It is more or less like a fibreglass board and work well as top plate on bigger cars too.

9. Increasing Your Effective Run Time

To increase the runtime of remote control cars, the simple trick is to charge them multiple times. If you put your remote control car on charging and take off the plug two- three times then it might give you a good run time because the battery gets charged all over again. But doing it umpteen times might prove lethal to battery life.