How Big is a 1/16 Scale RC Car (Photo Scale & Examples)

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How Big is a 1/8 Scale RC Car (Graph + Photos of all types)

If you’ve ever seen the cars at your local big box store or have a 1/10 scale that you’ve used on the weekends, you may be itching to try a slightly smaller 1/8 scale. But how much difference is there between the 1/10 scale RC vehicles and those 1/8 scale brutes? Keep reading and you’re going to … Read more

How Big is a 1/10 Scale RC Car? (Photos of all types)

Shopping for an RC car yet wondering what the scale numbers actually represent? You aren’t alone. In this guide, we’ll be providing photos and comparison tables of 1/10th scale RC cars which are approximately 10% the size of their full-size vehicle. The size of a 1/10 RC car ranges: 450-550 mm L x 197-366 mm … Read more

How To Build Your Own RC Car

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How To Choose Your First Gas / Nitro / Petrol RC Car

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RC Flight Simulator Guide

RC airplane flying is a fun and challenging hobby. The time and expense of learning to fly remote control airplanes has been greatly reduced in recent years. RC flight simulators have been one reason for this. These are programs that run on your home pc, allowing you to practice “virtual” flight. Here are some tips … Read more

How To Choose Your First RC Airplane

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What Is The Most Important Tool For RC Racing Cars?

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RC Model Airplanes – How To Tune 2 Stroke Engines

A common way to power an RC model airplane is with a 2-Stroke engine. These engines are easy to maintain, have relatively few parts, and can be tuned in just a few minutes. On the other hand, a RC model airplane engine that is not correctly tuned can turn your favorite RC aircraft into a … Read more

9 Beginner Tips For Using RC Cars

If you’re not from an engineering background but pursue driving remote control cars as a hobby, it’s always a good idea to learn as much as possible about remote control cars. So in this guide, we’ll show you some of the best basic tips for beginners who have just entered the world of RC cars. … Read more