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  • Traxxas Hoss Review 2024: My Experiences With The 4×4 VXL
    Author: Joshua Smith Last updated: 22nd of February, 2024. Welcome to the ultimate review of the Traxxas Hoss for 2024. I have spent 15 hours driving, testing and even thrashing this RC car so you’ll know if this is worth buying. Why you should trust me: I use a 27-point evaluation checklist to ensure I … Read more
  • 75+ Fastest RC Cars You Can Really Buy in 2024
    Every kid dreams of having a super-fast RC car, and most adults never stop dreaming either! And while the average RC car can be expected to do around 35 miles per hour, or around 50km/h, this isn’t what we’re featuring. We’ll be showcasing super fast RC cars, stadium trucks and buggies for 2024. The best … Read more
  • How Big is a 1/16 Scale RC Car (Photo Scale & Examples)
    Are you looking for big fun in a small space? Got an extra bedroom and looking to make a track just for you? Look no further than the smile you’ll get from one of these 1/16 scale RC vehicles. Still don’t know if you’ll be able to live the dream of having all your RC … Read more
  • How Big is a 1/8 Scale RC Car (Graph + Photos of all types)
    If you’ve ever seen the cars at your local big box store or have a 1/10 scale that you’ve used on the weekends, you may be itching to try a slightly smaller 1/8 scale. But how much difference is there between the 1/10 scale RC vehicles and those 1/8 scale brutes? Keep reading and you’re going to … Read more
  • How Big is a 1/10 Scale RC Car? (Photos of all types)
    Shopping for an RC car yet wondering what the scale numbers actually represent? You aren’t alone. In this guide, we’ll be providing photos and comparison tables of 1/10th scale RC cars which are approximately 10% the size of their full-size vehicle. The size of a 1/10 RC car ranges: 450-550 mm L x 197-366 mm … Read more
  • 7 Parts Upgrades for the WLToys A959
    Now, you’ve probably owned your A959 for a while and are keen to upgrade some parts. While this all-terrain RC car is well known for its off-roading capabilities, it also has its limitations as you’re probably soon discovered. While this thing does do pretty well in the dirt and gravel (and even some mud), what … Read more

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